ChemSub Online: The Free Web Portal and Information System on Chemical Substances from around the World: Name or Synonym Not Found.
Provides information about:
- Chemical Inventories: Chemical inventory, AICS, DSL NDSL, EINECS, ELINCS, IECSC, NLP, NZIoC, TSCA.
- Registry Number, EC Number (EINECS, ELINCS, NLP), Chemical Name, Molecular Formula, Structure Formula.
- TSCA: TSCA Inventory List, TSCA Compliance Guide, TSCA Inventory Database, Current TSCA Inventory, Need TSCA Chemical List, Find Tsca, U. S. TSCA Inventory List, Many research chemists use updated TSCA Tracker to find new chem names.
- REACH: REACH compliance, REACH & GHS, REACHsuite, EU REACH IT Solutions, IT solutions for managing REACH compliance.

- Chemical Super Lists and Inventories:
Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System (CCRIS),
European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances (EINECS),
European List of Notified Chemical Substances (ELINCS),
Europan chemical Substances information System (ESIS),
Hazardous Substances Data Bank (HSDB),
High Volume Industrial Chemical List (HVICL),
HSNO Chemical Classification and Information Database (CCID),
Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances Produced or Imported in China (IECSC),
Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA),
- Chemicals and Chemistry: Formaldehyde, chemicals, chemical substances, chemistry, Baytouch Systems.
- GHS, Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, Global harmonisiertes System zur Einstufung und Kennzeichnung von Chemikalien, SGH, Système général harmonisé de classification et d'étiquetage des produits chimiques, 化学品分类及标记全球协调制度, 化学品の分類および表示に関する世界調和システム.

ChemSub Online: The Free Web Portal and Information System on Chemical Substances from around the World: Name or Synonym Not Found.
Provides information about:
- Chemical analysis, Dedicated Analytical Solutions for chemical analysis from Foss, Brewing Lab Services, Siebel Institute Lab Services Brewing Analytical Testing.
- Chemical Jobs Worldwide, Better Jobs. Better Candidates Chemicals, Polymers, Plastics.
- Chemical lists free.
- Chemical products Chemicals Service Solutions Europe Full service for specialty chem.
- Chemical Testing Find Chemical Testing Laboratories.
- 试剂公司,化工厂,化工产品,化工词典,结构式检索,有机化学,无机化学,化学试剂,有机原料.
- Classification Labelling Packaging, Annex I of Directive 67/548/EEC, Annex VI to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008, CLP, GHS, hazard symbol, irritant hazard symbol, chemical hazard symbols, GHS symbols, farosymbol, frätande symbol, gefahrensymbol, symboles et indications des dangers.
- Endocrine disruptor, modulateur endocrinien, perturbateur endocrinien, endokrine disruptoren, 内分泌攪乱物質, 內分泌干擾素.
- High Quality Biochemicals.
- Lab Chemical Inventory, Integrate Chemical Inventory with your lab operations.
- Laboratory Consultants, Reaction Engineering, Atlas - Controlled Lab Reactor easy to use and flexible.
- Laboratory Testing, Reliability Testing of Components Component Analytical Services, Chemical Resistant Seals, Chemical resistant elastomer seals for all chemical reagents.
- The Dow Chemical Company, The leading chemical and plastics manufacturer. Test Labs Directory, ASTM Free Online Lab Directory Search by ASTM Standards.

ChemSub Online: The Free Web Portal and Information System on Chemical Substances from around the World: Name or Synonym Not Found.
Provides information on chemical substances like:
- Acetic acid, acido acetico, 乙酸, 冰醋酸 .
- ALA, DHA, EPA, omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid, acide linolénique, acide alpha-linolénique, alpha-linolensäure, linolensäure, alpha-亞麻酸, alpha-リノレン酸.
- Bisphenol A, 酚甲烷, ビスフェノールA.
- Boric acid, acide boeique, Borsäure, 硼酸 .
- Carbonic acid gas, carbon dioxide, carbonic anhydride, 二酸化炭素, 二氧化碳 .
- Caffeine, 7-Methyltheophylline, coffein, caféine, 咖啡因 .
- Dioxin, dioxine, dioxina, 二噁英, ダイオキシン類 .
- DDT, dichlorodiphényltrichloroéthane, 滴滴涕, 2-乙氧基-1-萘甲酰氯 .
- DHA, Docosahexaenoic acid, Omega-3 fatty acid, Docosahexaensäure, Omega-3-Fettsäuren, Acide docosahexaénoïque, Oméga-3, ドコサヘキサエン酸, ω-3脂肪酸, 二十二碳六烯酸, 奧米加三 .
- DHEA, Dehydroepiandrosterone, Prasterone, デヒドロエピアンドロステロン .
- Formaldehyde, methanal, formaldehyd, 甲醛 .
- Formamide, formamid, 甲酰胺, ホルムアミド .
- GLA, omega-6, gamma-linolenic acid, acide gamma-linolénique, acide linoléique .
- Palm oil, palmöl, huile de palme, olio di palma, palmolie, パーム油, 棕櫚油 .
- PCB, PCBs, Polychlorierte biphenyle, Polychlorobiphényle, 多氯聯苯, 多氯联苯, ポリ塩化ビフェニル .
- Phthalates, Phthalsäureester, DEHP, DBP, DINP, DIDP, BBP, 邻苯二甲酸酯 .
- TCDD, Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin, Tetrachlordibenzodioxin .

ChemSub Online: The Free Web Portal and Information System on Chemical Substances from around the World: Name or Synonym Not Found.
Provides information about:
- Återvinning symbol, алкохол, гераниол, деканол, етилов алкохол, натриев пропионат, пентанол.
- エタプロコール, テオブロミン, 消毒用エタノール, 消毒用エタライト, 邻苯二甲酸酯.
- 5-diphenyl-1 4-pentadien-3-one, 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid, di-c6-8-branched alkyl esters, c7-rich, 1,6 hexanediol, 1-methoxy-2-propyl acetate, 1-pentanol, 2 метилбутан, 2,4-pentanedione, 2-(2-butoxyethoxy)ethanol, 2-methyl-3-butyn-2-ol, 2-methylpropanal, 3,7-dimethyl-6-octenal, 3-(diethylamino)cyclohex-3-enol, 3-methylbutanal, 4-butyrolactone, 7-methyltheophylline.
- Acetictracker, acetonperoxyd, acid compliant, acid compliant database, acid hydroxy, acid4, acido gluconico, adiponitrile, aerosoli, affald, aluminum chloride hydroxide sulfate, andningsmask asien, anglix, aphtiria, argirec, as4o6, aspirationsgefahr, astro chemicals, atmer 100, b2o3 chemical name, b2o3 name, background title, bas chemical name, benzeensulfonylchloride.
- Benzofenone, bexol, brandsläckning, bromométhane, butanox m50.
- C11h16o, c2h2cl4, c2h2f2, c2h6cl2si, c3h5o2, c3h9n, c5h11no, c6h16n2, c7h12o4, c8h4n2, cafeine.
- Canadian domestic substances list, cao chemical name, cas number, ccid, ccris, chem, chem hazard, chemical, chemical danger symbols, chemical free, chemical hazard pictograms, chemical hazard symbol, chemical hazard symbols, chemical hazard warning symbols, chemical hazards symbols, chemical names, chemical online, chemical pictograms, chemical portal, chemical substances, chemical substances portal, chemical symbol for propane, chemical symbols.
- Chemistry hazard symbols, chemistry lab hazard symbols, chemsub, chemsub online, child pictogram, chlorazene, chlorine chemical symbol, chloroéthane, chloroforme, chromedia, cianidrico, classifiable, classification of chemical substances lab, close to danger, clp ghs, clp pictogrammen, clp pictograms, coco and amid anal, corrosive hazard symbol.
- Couche alpha, crodamol, cu(oh)2, cyanurchlorid, cyclododecanone, cyclohexane dimethanol, cyclotetrasiloxane, cycocel extra, déchet, danger, danger chemical sign, danger hazard symbol, danger symbol, danger symbols, danger synonym, dangero, dangert, dauxona, decanoic acid methyl ester, dehp dinp, dehydrated alcohol, dichloor, dichloroisocyanuric acid, dimethyl stearamine, dimethylamine anhydrous, dinitrobenzol, dinp, dioxine.
- Dl-metionina, docusate sodium salt, dodecan, doodshoofd, dražilno, ec hazard symbol, ec hazard symbols, echa reach, el-hazard, endokrine disruptoren, environmental hazard sign, environmental hazard symbol, epinitril, et nu n, ethanamine, ethanthiol, ethyl chloroformate, etiqueta inflamable, eu danger symbols, eu ghs, european hazard symbols, extremadamente inflamable, eye pictogram, f symbol, f symbols, farligt avfall symbol, farosymbol.
- Fe2o3 chemical name, febrex, flammable ghs, fluorotrichloromethane, forbudt for børn, formalin iupac name, formamide, formic acid, fplus, free portal, free web portal, gaeilge phrases, gaisras, gefahrensymbol, gefahrensymbol giftig, gefahrensymbole, gefahrensymbole ghs, genklene, gesundheitsschädlich.
- Ghs, ghs 02, ghs 05, ghs 06, ghs 07, ghs 08, ghs 09, ghs chemical, ghs classification, ghs clp, ghs ethanol, ghs gefahrensymbole, ghs label for benzene, ghs labelling, ghs pictogram, ghs pictograms, ghs pictograms and hazard classes, ghs symbol, ghs symbole, ghs symbols, ghs01, ghs02, ghs03, ghs04, ghs05, ghs06, ghs07, ghs08, ghs09.
- Giftig symbol, global harmonisation system, globally harmonised system, globally harmonized system, globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals, gluconic acid, gluconsäure, glycocoll, glytrin spray, google bookmarks icon, handschoenen, harmful hazard symbol, hazard chemical symbols, hazard pictogram, hazard pictograms, hazard symbol, hazard symbols, hazardous symbol, hazardous symbols, helposti syttyvä.
- Hexenal, hpvis, hsno chemical classification information database, image xn, inademing, industrial hazard symbols, international hazard symbols, irritant hazard symbol, irritant symbol, irriterend, isobutyl, isodecanol, isotridecanol, iupac name for formaldehyde, iupac name for formalin, kaliummethanolat, lab safety symbols, laboratory chemical, laboratory hazard symbols, laboratory information system, lambang f, lastanox, latviesu valoda, lavarsi.
- Linolensäure, liquido inflamable, liquido inflamable 3, list.find, lithopone, loodet, lupersol, magnacide, man pictogram, mantra r11, methaanamine, methaanzuur, methanesulfonyl chloride, methanethiol, methyl ester, methyldiethanolamine, micosin f30, mierenzuur, milieugevaarlijk, monastral, msds fiche chloorazijnzuur, n°1 free online, natispray, natrii citras, new chemical hazard symbols, newscine, nirmin, nitora, nitradisc, nitriderm, nitrin, nitrine.
- Nitrobaat, nitrobenzol, nitrocellulose chemical formula, nitrocine, nitroderm, nitrodisc, nitrolingual akut spray, nitronal, nitropatch, nitropflaster, nitropropan, no ghs symbol, nocivo, nordic symbol, number 07, number 08, number 50, number 71, number 74, nzioc, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxan, ol pictogram, oleamide, online portal, online symbol,, palm oil chemical formula, pbo chemical name, pentaan, percutol, perlinganit, perturbateur, phenol, phlegmatizer, phosphoric ester.
- Phthalsäureester, pictogram fire, pictogram gevaar, pictogram licht ontvlambaar, pictogram niet roken, pictogramme danger, pictogramme produits chimiques, pictogrammen elektriciteit, pictogrammer børn, piktogram zákaz fajčiť, point d'exclamation, poleptanie, polychlorierte biphenyle, polychlorobiphényle, portal online free, portal pictogram, portal pictograms, portal symbol, potassium cyanate, potassium fatty acid, prasterone, promaxon, propane symbol, reach chemical list, reach echa.
- Recycling pictograms, regulation 1272/2008, Requête, riziko online, safety pictogram, safety symbols, scanol, sensibilisierung, simbol danger, simbolo corrosivo, simbolo irritante, sio4 chemical name, sodium aluminate, sodium dodecyl sulfonate, sodium thiosulphate, somnolence, structural formula of c3h6cl2, substancje łatwopalne, sulfanilato de sódio, sundhedsskadelig symbol, suscard, symbol danger, symbol e, symbol f, symbol giftig, symbol lekárstva.
- Symbol n, symbol of danger, symbol of n, symbol t, symbol xi, symbol xn, symbole danger, symbole danger de mort, symbole dangereux, symbole de danger, symbole inflammable, symbole sécurité, symbole xn, symboles de danger, symbols of danger, system f, tete de mort en flamme, tete de mort totenkopf, tetrachlorodibenzodioxin, tetradecanoic acid, tilos a dohányzás tábla, Tous, toxic chemicals list, toxic hazard sign, toxic hazard symbol, toxic substances control act, toxicity system.
- Transderm nitro, trees reddit, trichlorosilane, tridil, triethylfosfaat, trinitrina, trinitroglicerina, trinitrol, trioxido de diantimonio, trisenox, tsca inventory, tsca inventory list, tsca list, tupakointi, umweltschutz pictograms, ureol, ureum, uvinul 3035, vie structure, voie cutanée, warning signs, waxsol, web pictogram, web portal, web portal free, web portal icon, web portal system, weed portal, witco chemical,, wykrzyknik, x n, xi, xi irritante, xi symbol, xn, xn symbol, xn-, zaščitne rokavice, zavrat.

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